The world on two wheels

Family Trip to Alaska

My brother had been spending the past several seasons working as a glacier guide in Seward, Alaska. In August, 2012, the entire family headed North to visit and explore some of the great sights on the Kenai Peninsula. The trip began with two days on the bike riding the Seward Highway along one of the fingers of the Turnagain Arm and then climbing onto the Kenai Peninsula. One arrived, we all spent the week on a series of adventures including Cessna rides into the remote glacial valleys surrounding Seward, ice climbing on Exit Glacier and two days on the water floating in Aialik Bay to get a close look at Bear Glacier and the icebergs that had cleaved off.

Alaska is a place that is dominated by its own scale. Much of its own expanse is truly untouched and is generally inhospitable to human development. Though just a quick trip, my appetite is whet for more.